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Origin Story

Heroes4Life is a non-profit organisation that was created in 2017 by Apollo Reign, an 8 year old boy who had a dream, a dream to make it possible for children to meet their heroes. Apollo entered the world prematurely, spending his first weeks unwell in hospital, fighting each day at a time. As the months passed he grew stronger, as the years passed he grew taller, taller than most other children his own age. At a very early age Apollo discovered his passion for reading when his father gave him his collection of retro comic books that he had kept safe from his own childhood. Apollo was intrigued by the origins of the comic book heroes and he soon became curious of his own. When he asked his parents, they told him of how tiny and fragile he was when he was born and how they had to helplessly watch him in the hospital waiting day after day for him to get strong enough to leave. Apollo learned that most heroes had gone through hardship too, but had grown stronger from it and that they always stood up for what was right. Giving Apollo's origin, he felt he could relate to heroes and being bigger than most kids his age he would often defend and protect other children who needed help. Tragically, 2 children from Apollo's school passed away within the same year, making Apollo aware of the reality that some children are living with chronic conditions, while others are fighting for their lives against fatal illnesses. Apollo dreamed of making it a possibility to have an agency full of superheroes, superheroes that could bring happiness to children in need and in 2017 his dream came true when the Bad Candy Model Agency selected Apollo's dream as part of their 2018 community project. The Bad Candy Model Agency began to develop Apollo's dream, calling it "Heroes4Life".
Heroes4Life focuses on charitable causes such as hospital visits to sick children, anti bullying campaigns, suicide prevention/awareness and much much more. All through the help of what children can identify with most, superheroes and supervillains (bad guys doing good). Heroes4Life is the biggest Bad Candy community project to date. The ambitious project was led by the junior Bad Candy team and calls upon the assistance of hundreds of costume designers, master prop makers and engineers all across the world, to design and donate, helping to assemble the largest collection of superheroes and villains for charitable causes to form Heroes4Life.

The Bad Candy Model Agency has also donated/contributed to the project in the form of website development, hosting, graphic design, screen printing, leaflet distribution, model volunteering, ad campaigns, professional photography, videography, post production, event planning, along with providing their Bad Candy promotional vehicles, such as their giant yellow American School Bus, their authentic American LAPD Police Car, their celebrity super stretch Cartier edition Lincoln limousine, their K.I.T.T aka Knight Rider car, their Bad Candy Hummer H2 and the latest addition to the Bad Candy Family, which is the only road legal APC/tracked army tank in the whole of Ireland. The Bad Candy Model Agency has assembled this assortment of iconic movie cars/vehicles and much more from all across Ireland to ensure that Heroes4Life not only provides costumed characters, but movie cars/vehicles and props for charitable causes too.


All of our staff within Heroes4Life are volunteers who do what they can in their spare time. Our organisation functions and runs solely on charitable donations, courtesy of the general public, brands, business enterprises and other entities. If you would like to help support our cause, then please Donate Here.


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